About us!

Kasia and Marek
   We are a married couple in love with the rotts for the last 30 years. I (Kasia) have adored animals since I was a child. Due to exceptionally convenient circumstances of growing up in a family environment where all relatives and friends shared true passion for hunting, I have been surrounded by nature on a daily basis. The animals I have grown to be most fond of were dogs, regardless of their breed. However, in 1996 when we bought our house with a garden, we felt the need to own an outstanding canine, intelligent and courageous friend, useful home guard and excellent personal defender. We have long puzzled over the right breed selection and the final decision was made under the influence of our friends from Piaseczno, who owned a rottweiler at that time.
    Our first female came from the PALMARIS kennels, mother: EMMA Negrus from the kennel of Justyna Bielicka in Bydgoszcz, father: CZANT BRYZAGA. Our girl, BESSI Palmaris, has become HERA, Herunia and Herinka from day one. She was a dog of incredible character, extraordinarily eager to work and ideal for training. In other words: a big, strong, dynamic and smart girl. She completed the basic obedience training with an overall score of 195 points, even though she was an absolute rookie of a guide. Unfortunately, the complications with anterior cruciate ligaments (two surgeries in a year) prevented us from continuing the training of our beloved Herinka and put an end to all our breeding aspirations. Hera left us on 02.04.2004, having lived for a mere 7 years. The last stage of cancerous bone disease forced us to put our beloved doggie down in our own house and bury her in our garden outside the city.
    The best way to ease the painful memories of Hera was to get a new puppy. This time, however, we have decided to have a puppy we would definitely use to start our own home kennel and so it was, that after long months of careful selection, the decision was made to obtain a puppy from the Skordatura kennels from Cracow.
    We were fortunate enough to have informed the breeders about our plans in advance, so that when NANDA was born, we could choose a name for her ourselves NANDA DEVI Skordatura. She came to our home on 01.08.2005. NANDA was quickly home-renamed Duska, Dunieczka and our son calls her simply Dufi. She became the apple of our family's eye and what is more, it turned out that Dusia was born on my birthday, i.e. May 18th, could it be destiny...?
    Luckily for us, Dusia has proved to be an outstandingly promising female and we got so hooked by her first dog show successes that our Nandusia quickly became the Youth Champion of Poland and in a short period of time the Adult Champion of Poland as well. For the last 2 dog show seasons she has been occupying the 3rd place on the Polish dog show ranking list. Up until 17.08.2008 she has collected numerous medals and victories in her class, as well as:

  • 4 x Youth Winner (ZW.M.),
  • 8 x BOB (ZW.Rasy),
  • 15 x NDSwR,
  • 20 x CWC,
  • 4 x CACIB
  • 1 x Res.CACIB.